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ZA+D believes in the intrinsic power of design and the ability to use this power to facilitate positive change in the communities in which we work. Working collaboratively with our clients, we strive to enhance and strengthen the social and built fabric in those communities through thoughtful and sustainable design strategies.

ZA+D educates our clients and community about the valuable and necessary role Architects play in our society.

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ZA+Dinteriors concentrates on tenant fit-out design services and interior finish selections. Clients will benefit from the focused expertise of ZA+D’s in-house, certified interior designer, Hannah Weikel, ASID, LEED® AP. With her technical proficiency in Revit, clients can follow the design process in three dimensions from initial concept to construction. ZA+Dinteriors offers a specific range of services: test fits, digital renderings, finish selection and permit and construction documents. Depth of experience includes commercial, medical, educational, mixed use and multi-family projects.

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The demands of our society and communities are changing now more than ever. Buildings are a center piece in integrating personal behaviors, shaping communities and consuming our resources. As shapers of communities and designers of buildings, someone must assume the responsibility of how well the built environment performs. Through ZA+Dpassiv, we assume that role.

We are driven to design buildings as integrated systems, organisms if you will. Skin and structure interdependent, mechanics and insulation balanced, orientation and fenestration finely tuned. Our work is inspired by the need for lessening the impact on the earth and in so creating a healthier environment for its habitants. We rely more on science and less on standard.

ZA+D passiv delivers on the notion that architecture can be proactive and maintain strength in self expression. In short, to be active, we must design Passiv.

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